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concrete/pattern imprinted concrete

Concrete and pattern imprinted concrete both provide you with a solid driveway with an impermeable surface resistant to all types of moss and weed growth. While concrete driveways are of a uniform colour, usually grey, pattern imprinted concrete comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. We would be happy to show you our full range and help you with any choices you may need to make.


Walls can be used to create an attractive border or solid retainer where required. With a wide variety of colours and styles to compliment your paving and existing property, our experienced tradesmen will be able to build to your requirements whether you require an individual wall or for it to be included as part of a larger project.

Cleaning/ Repairs/ Re-sealing

For the older driveway and patio, Didsbury Driveways will use its experience to give it a new lease of life, making it something to be proud of again at a fraction of the cost of a newly paved area. Firstly we will clean the area by scrubbing into the surface an acid based cleaning solution then using a high pressure industrial strength rotary jet-wash to remove any remaining moss or weed growth and surface dirt. At this stage your driveway or patio will look as near to its original appearance as possible.

If necessary, we will then repair your paved area by lifting and re-instating any dipped areas, then in the case of Block-paving we will re-sand and compact, and in the case of flagging, we will re-point. Finally we will spray over a potent weed killer, then seal the area using an acrylic based sealant to inhibit moss and weed growth and prevent the ingress of water. Didsbury Driveways will also clean and re-seal Pattern imprinted concrete to as this can look dull and weathered over time. Any surface chips can be repaired simultaneously if required.


If the existing materials used to construct your driveway are still viable for future use, but the original driveway foundation has begun to degrade, then Didsbury Driveways offers a service which involves lifting the original paving, re-instating and compacting the foundation then re-laying your existing products. This enables you to re-gain the strength of your paving for the future without incurring the cost of buying new materials. This service can be used in conjunction with our cleaning service to provide a new solid paved area that has been rejuvenated to provide satisfaction for years to come.


At Didsbury Driveways, we have experience in all types of ground work and drainage. For example, if you require the excavation of footings for an extension or conservatory including the removal of waste, then we can help. If you require a repair to an existing drain, or the installation of a new drainage system, then we can help. If you have a problem with a waterlogged garden, we can install land drains for you and if you require the installation of a new plastic mains water pipe to the required specifications and standard, then we can help.

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